Manufacturing, Processing and Timber Construction

The Faculty of Engineering at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile invites applications for a full-time faculty position in the area of Manufacturing, processing and timber construction at the Department of Mechanical and Metallurgical Engineering and the School of Civil Construction.

Duties: The successful applicant’s duties will include teaching (at undergraduate and graduate levels), conducting research, providing external services and carrying out administrative tasks in the following area: wood products, wood industrialization processing or timber construction.  The successful candidate should have (or be currently pursuing studies towards) a Ph.D. in an area related with timber engineering. It would be desirable if the candidate has expertise in one or more of the following areas: mechanic and physical-chemistry behaviour of wood, compound components of modify woods, automatization and industrialization assisted by computer interface (CAD-CAM, BIM, CNC) and constructive process management.

Requirements: Applicants must hold a Ph.D. (or be currently pursuing studies towards the degree) in related areas. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the position, it is important that the applicant is willing to work collaboratively; some international experience is also desirable. Candidates do not need to know Spanish at the time of applying, but should be prepared to learn the language well enough to begin teaching in it in the short term.

Applicants must demonstrate potential for excellence and a strong vocation for all aspects of academic life, be highly motivated to continuously improve their teaching skills, have a genuine interest in getting involved with our graduate programs (specially the doctoral program) and be able to develop and maintain an active research agenda (publications, research grants, etc.). The successful candidate will also be expected to create new undergraduate and graduate courses and teach traditional courses in related areas.

Finally, we expect that the candidate will actively participate in the Timber Innovation Center, developing his interest to strengthen the tall timber Construction industry/practice in a forestry and highly seismic country.

Application instructions

Candidates should submit the following documents to (in the email subject line, please put: “Timber Construction: Manufacturing/Processing”; see note A) by March 30th, 2016 (late applications may be considered until the position is filled).

  1. A statement of purpose (in Spanish or English) indicating why you should be considered for the vacancy and your plans in the areas of research and teaching. Be as specific as possible, e.g., giving examples of how you aim to transfer your engineering knowledge to undergraduate and graduate students, and detailing potential collaboration networks with other researchers you may have developed or intend to develop in the future.
  2. An up-to-date curriculum vitae (in Spanish or English, note B).
  3. Copies of your five most recent ISI publications, if available. Otherwise, include any articles you consider relevant in the context of your application (see note C ).

In addition, candidates should arrange for three letters of recommendation to be emailed directly by the signatories to

Note A:
You will get an response from this email address confirming that your documents have been received.
Note B:
The CV must be organized as follows:i.        Personal background: name, address, contact telephone (with country and city codes), email address, web page (if any).

ii.        Educational experience (university or institution, courses taught, years).

iii.        Professional experience (employer, duties, years).

iv.        Education: list of all degrees or professional titles obtained indicating granting institutions and dates, beginning with your secondary                            school diploma. If you are currently enrolled in a doctoral program, indicate when you expect to obtain the degree.

v.        Research:

a.        List of ISI journal publications (see note C).

b.        List of other publications such as reports, books or book chapters, conferences attended, research projects                                                 participated in, patents, etc.

vi.        Other: prizes and awards, computer skills, languages, any other background information that you consider relevant.

Note C:
Please avoid padding the list with other publications, such as non ISI journals, conference presentations and the like. To check whether a journal is included in the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) master list, visit the following web site:

Once the complete set of application materials has been received, the applicant will be contacted within two months and informed whether or not his/her application has been accepted for further consideration. If this initial screening is successful, the candidate will be asked to give a lecture on his/her current research topics and attend interviews with faculty members of the Timber Innovation Center, the Department of Mechanical and Metallurgical Engineering, the School of Civil Construction, the Dean of the School of Engineering and the Selection Committee.

Further information

Additional information may be obtained by emailing the Timber Innovation Center, at