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Fuentes C.Rodríguez I.Gerea C.Marques M.Rossel P.O. ( 2017 )

Systematic Literature Review about Technologies for self-reporting emotional information Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing

Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing
Rojas E.Capurro D.Traver V.Fernandez-Llatas C. ( 2017 )

Question-Driven Methodology for Analyzing Emergency Room Processes Using Process Mining

Applied Sciences-Basel 7 3 29
Romero M.Vardi M.Y. ( 2017 )

Regular Queries on Graph Databases

Theory of Computing Systems
Hilliger I.Alario-Hoyos C.Delgado Kloos C.Rayyan S. ( 2017 )

H-MOOC framework: reusing MOOCs for hybrid education

Journal of Computing in Higher Education
Riffo V.Zuccar I.Pieringuer C. ( 2017 )

Object recognition in X-ray testing using an efficient search algorithm in multiple views

Insight 59 2 85-92
Abiteboul S.Barceló P.Bienvenu M.Calvanese D.David C.Hull R.Hüllermeier E.Kimelfeld B.Libkin L.Martens W.Milo T.Murlak F.Neven F.Ortiz M.Schwentick T.Stoyanovich J.Su J.Suciu D.Vianu V.Yi K. ( 2017 )

Research Directions for Principles of Data Management (Abridged)

SIGMOD Record 45 4 5-17
Puelma T.Araus V.Canales J.Vidal E.A.Cabello J.M.Gutiérrez R.A. ( 2017 )

GENIUS: web server to predict local gene networks and key genes for biological functions

Bioinformatics 33 5 760-761
Vásquez A.Sciarresi E.Martínez T.Barahona C.Strasser K. ( 2017 )

The Impact of the Technology Used in Formative Assessment The Case of Spelling

Journal of Educational Computing Research 54 8 1142-1167