Año 2021


Intensity Learning for Off-Resonance Correction in MRI. Fondecyt Regular 1210747. 2021-2025.
Investigador responsable: Pablo Irarrázaval

Integrate quantitative susceptibility mapping using deep learning. Fondecyt Regular 1191710. 2019-2022.
Investigador responsable: Cristián Tejos
Coinvestigador: Pablo Irarrázaval

Cardiovascular mr function: new insights from intracardiac flows and strain analysis. Fondecyt Regular 1181057. 2018- 2021
Coinvestigador: Pablo Irarrázaval

Integrated quantitative susceptibility mapping using deep learning. Iniciativa Milenio. NCN17_129. 2018-2021.
Investigador adjunto: Cristián  Tejos

General Network Design Problems with Explicit Users’ Utility Functions. FONDECYT Regular 1200706. 2020-2023.
Coinvestigador: Vladimir Marianov

Facility location with multiactivity trips: The leader’s problem and discrete choice modeling. FONDECYT Regular 1190064. 2019-2021
Investigador responsable: Vladimir Marianov

Robust and Truly Comprehensive Quantitative Cardiac MRI. Fondecyt Regular 1210637. 2021-2025.
Investigador principal: Claudia Prieto

High-risk coronary plaque imaging with super-resolution multi-parametric MRI. Fondecyt Regular 1210638. 2021-2025.
Coinvestigador: Claudia Prieto

Millenium Nucleus in Applied Control and Inverse Problems. Iniciativa Milenio. 2021-2024.
Investigador Asociado: Claudia Prieto

Multidimensional and Multiparametric Quantitative Cardiac MRI from Continuous Free-Breathing Acquisition. EPSRC (Engineering and Physics Sciences Research Council, UK. 2017-2022.
Investigador Principal: Claudia Prieto

Gadolinium-free multi-contrast 3D whole-heart MRI for improved management of patients with congenital heart disease. BHF (British Heart Foundation). 2019-2022,
Investigador principal: Claudia Prieto

Detection of High-Risk Plaque with Tropoelastin-Specific and Multicontrast Coronary MR. BHF Programme Grant. 2020-2025.
Coinvestigador. Claudia Prieto

“Smart Medical Imaging” en King’s College London y Colegio Imperial de Londres. EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training. 2019-2028.
Coinvestigador: Claudia Prieto

SmartHeart: Next-generation cardiovascular healthcare via integrated image acquisition, reconstruction, analysis and learning. EPSRC Programme Grant. 2016-2022.
Co-investigador: Claudia Prieto

Self-Navigated Multi-Contrast and Quantitative Whole Heart 3D Magnetic Resonance Imaging. EPSRC. 2017-2022
Co-investigador: Claudia Prieto

Radiomics analysis of multiparametric quantitative cardiac MR for improved diagnosis of Heart Failure. BHF Centre of Excellence. 2020-2021
Investigador Principal: Claudia Prieto

Cardiovascular MeTech Co-operative Pump Prime, “PET-MR to improve Diagnosis of Cardiac Sarcoidosis. NIHR. 2020-2021.
Investigador Principal: Claudia Prieto

Simultaneous Non-Contrast Free-Breathing 3D High Resolution Magnetic Resonance Coronary Artery Angiography and High-Risk Plaque Imaging. NIHR. 2020-2021.
Co-investigador: Claudia Prieto

Pushing the Limits of Spatial Resolution for Whole-heart Cardiac MR Angiography: Let’s get ready for Prime Time. PhD stipend co-funded by Siemens Healthcare Ltd. 2019-2023.
Co-investigador: Claudia Prieto

A Simultaneous Multicontrast PETMR Sequence for Comprehensive Coronary Plaque Characterisation. PhD stipend co-funded by Siemens Healthcare Ltd. 2018-2022
Investigador Principal: Claudia Prieto

Simultaneous Whole-Heart Coronary/Plaque and Myocardial Tissue Characterization. PhD stipend co-funded by Siemens Healthcare Ltd. 2019-2023
Co-investigador: Claudia Prieto

Computational Collaborative Project in Synergistic PET-MR Reconstruction”, Coinvestigator. EPSRC. 2015-2021.
Co-investigador: Claudia Prieto

Development of novel imaging techniques to study the brain in severe mental health disorders. ANID PIA Anillo ACT192064. 2019-2022.
Director: Cristián Tejos



Cutting-edge Exoplanetary Science Using the First Generation of Chilean-funded Astronomical Optical Instrumentation. FONDECYT. 2018 – 2021
Patrocinante: Leonardo Vanzi

Experimental Particle Physics with Daya Bay, JUNO and ATLAS. FONDECYT. 2018-2021
Coinvestigador: Angel Abusleme

Modular Integrated circuits desing and its application in instrumentation circuits for particle physics experiments. FONDECYT. 2017-2021
Investigador responsible: Angel Abusleme

Millennium Institute for SubAtomic Physics at the High-energy frontIeR (SAPHIR). Iniciativa Milenio. (2020-2025)
Investigador Principal: Ángel Abusleme

A new scintillation-based sensor for measuring the complete atmospheric turbulence profile. Fondecyt Regular 1190186. 2019-2022
Investigador responsable: Andrés Guesalaga

Applied control and inverse problems (ACIP). Iniciativa Milenio NCN19_161. 2020-2023
Investigador Asociado: Andrés Guesalaga

Age of information as design metric for IoT-based networked control systems. Fondecyt Regular 1211294. 2021-2024.
Investigador Responsable: Felipe Núñez

A multi-variable IoT-ready artificial pancreas for type 1 diabetes control. VRI-UC. 2020-2022.
Investigador Responsable: Felipe Núñez

Sistema de supervisión y alerta temprana para los servicios de agua potable urbanos concesionados. CORFO Bienes Públicos 19BP-117371i2019-2022
Director: Felipe Núñez

Industrial Cyber-physical systems for smart mining: industrial electronics 4.0 and Data-Driven Process control. ANID PIA Anillo ACT192013. 2019-2022.
Director: Felipe Núñez



Centro de Investigación en Energía Solar SERC-Chile. FONDAP. 2017-2022
Investigador Asociado: Alvaro Lorca, David Watts
Investigador: Matías Negrete, Daniel Olivares

Communication and Information Research and Innovation Center (CIRIC-CHILE). Innova. 2012-2022
Investigador asociado: Sebastián Ríos

International Center for Excellence in Solar Energy / Centro de Tecnologías para Energía Solar de Fraunhofer Chile Research (FCR-CSET). INNOVA. 2014-2023
Investigador asociado: Daniel Olivares, David Watts, Matías Negrete

Local Energy Markets for Sustainable Microgrids: Design, Modeling and Simulation. FONDECYT. 2018-2021
Investigador responsible: Daniel Olivares
Coinvestigador: Alvaro Lorca, Matías Negrete

Risk Renewable Energy and Complementarity: Closing the GAP Between Portfolio Theory and Power System Planning FONDECYT. 2018-2021
Investigador responsible: David Watts
Coinvestigador: Hugh Rudnick, Matías Negrete

Robust Optimization for Power Systems with Diverse Energy Storage Technologies. FONDECYT Regular. 2021-2025.
Investigador principal: Álvaro Lorca
Co-investigador: Matías Negrete

Desarrollo de una plataforma de gestión integrada de recursos hidroeléctricos para la planificación y operación del sistema eléctrico nacional. FONDEF. 2020-2022
Director: Álvaro Lorca

Diseño e implementación de infraestructura tecnológica para la gestión de consumos flexibles en sistemas eléctricos. Fondef ID17I20161. 2021-2023
Director: Matías Negrete

Instituto Sistemas Complejos de Ingeniería. Financiamiento Basal PIA AFB180003. 2019-2022.
Investigador Asociado: Matías Negrete

Modular Charger for Electric Vehicles with Energy Storage for Smart Demand and Flexibility in the use of Electrical Infrastructure. ANID FONDEF ID20i10267. 2021-2023.
Director alterno: Javier Pereda

Cyber-physical systems for smart mining: Industrial electronics 4.0 and data-driven process control. ANID PIA ACT192013. 2020-2023.
Investigador titular: Javier Pereda

Solar Energy Research Center, SERC Chile. Fondap 15110019. 2018-2022
Coinvestigador: Javier Pereda

Direct and Resonant Modular Multilevel Converters for Power Networks. Fondecyt Regular 1171142. 2017-2021.
Investigador Responsable: Javier Pereda


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