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Major in Geosciences

The interaction of geosciences with other disciplines is evident in multidisciplinary projects that use tools and knowledge typical of geology and geophysics, which can be applied to the natural sciences, engineering sciences and social sciences.

Geoscience majors will develop the ability to implement projects typical of the area, proposing solutions to problems stemming from human interactions with the natural environment and growth of the human population on a finite planet. Typical geoscience projects include the geological exploration of mining deposits and geological hazard assessment for civil works. 

Recommended Exploratory Courses

  • ICE2623 Introduction to Physical Geology
  • IMM2003 Mine Geology

These courses allow students to gain an overview of the Major in Geosciences and the areas of knowledge they study.

Associated Depth Minors

  • Engineering Geology

Employment Prospects

The graduates of Bachelor of Science in Engineering with a Major in Geosciences will be trained to work with multidisciplinary teams, connecting the geosciences with other areas of engineering. Projects of this type will be related to the treatment of environmental pollution, land management, evaluating geological risks, assessing and exploring mineral resources, and exploring energy resources, among others.

Program Director

“The UC Major in Geosciences will allow you to discover the world of geology and geophysics, and its interactions with other disciplines,” Carlos Marquardt .

List of Electives


Contacto: majorgeociencias@ing.puc.cl

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