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Major in Engineering and Environmental Sciences

The program looks to develop in students the necessary competencies to evaluate and face problems associated with environmental impact.

The Major in Engineering and Environmental Science develops in the student the capacity to analyze the processes that occur in different components of the environment such as the water, ground, and air, a way to protect and manage the natural resources with a focus on sustainability. The courses in the program cultivate the quantitative tools to evaluate and predict the impact of anthropogenic activities, proposing and designing solutions to current and future environmental problems in both urban and natural contexts.

This major possesses a strong interdisciplinary base, combining tools from science and engineering such as Earth Science, Atmospheric Science, Water Resources, and Waste Management among others.

Recommended Exploratory Courses

  • ICH2304 Environmental Engineering
  • ICH1005 Challenges Facing Water Resources and the Environment

These courses allow students to obtain a general vision of the Major in Environmental Sciences and the areas of knowledge that are studied.

Associated Depth Minor

  • Specialization in Civil Engineering

Employment Prospects

The graduates of Bachelor of Science in Engineering with Major in Engineering and Environmental Sciences will be able to choose some of many options to continue their education in science (Master’s and Doctorate) and/or professional certification in key sectors of the country like: mining, sanitation businesses, centers of innovation, research and development, the public sector, environmental consulting, and the area of of environmental management of businesses and related organizations.

Program Director

“The future brings with it unpredictable sustainability challenges on both the local and global scales. The Major in Environmental Sciences will prepare you to fulfill your role in society by providing you with an interdisciplinary education oriented towards identifying, proposing, and modeling solutions to current and future problems in this area,” Ignacio Vargas Cucurella.

List of Elective Courses


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This recommended curriculum is subject to modifications in accordance with current academic planning at the time of course enrollment. Stay informed as to the most recent updates to the Academic Plan.