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Major in Engineering, Design and Innovation

This program prepares students to identify and tackle real problems that affect society. Graduates are able to detect opportunities to design and implement innovative, user-centered proposals under the wing of innovation and entrepreneurship.

In the major of Design and Innovation Engineering, we capitalize on creativity through iterations of guided work processes and team negotiations. This process results in innovative proposals that are socially and environmentally ethical and responsible. These values are cemented on a foundation of implementable processes that result in tangible products, systems, or services that address specific needs detected through ideation and evidence.

This is a multidisciplinary major that combines engineering with design. Graduates will be prepared, depending on the selected track, to create opportunities and manage projects in engineering and related areas. Likewise, graduates will be able to apply design methodologies to create, develop, and translate their projects through visual media and prototypes.

This major has a limited number of slots, due to which, there is a selection process.

The Major in Engineering, Design, and Innovation allows students to obtain traditional degrees from the UC School of Engineering or, if desired, to obtain certification as a UC Designer, as long as all established requirements are met.

Recommended Exploratory Course

  • IDI1015 Visual Thinking

This course will allow students to obtain a general overview of the Major in Engineering, Design, and Innovation and the areas of knowledge that are studied.

Associated Depth Minors

  • Specialization Design Projects
  • Specialization Civil Engineering

Employment Prospects

Design is the process of synthesizing information and creation into reality. This skill is needed in environments with rapid cycles of creation or adaptation, such as in startups, technology companies, or organizations interested in innovating through their own products or services. Likewise, the graduates of Bachelor of Science in Engineering with Major in Engineering, Design and Innovation will be prepared to start their own ventures.

Program Director

“The Engineering, Design, and Innovation Major will provide you with strategic tools and a clear process for detecting opportunities and developing products, systems, or services based on people, entrepreneurship, and technology,” Constanza Miranda Mendoza.

List of Electives



Design Track: This Track will allow you to understand, apply methods, research and communication tools for design projects that allow validating the development of projects. It is aimed at all Major students, but it is required for those who want to continue to the UC Designer title. The following incorporates the OFG courses that students must take if they are selected to carry out their continuity of studies for the UC Designer title.

Contact: majoridi@ing.puc.clwww.di-lab.cl

This recommended curriculum is subject to modifications in accordance with current academic planning at the time of course enrollment. Stay informed as to the most recent updates to the Academic Plan