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Major in Mining Engineering

Graduates from this program will form part of the most important industry for Chile. Students will be trained to face the diverse challenges inherent to planning, designing, and operating open-air and underground mines. This program combines an educational foundation in industrial engineering with specialized technical training, ultimately promoting the application of technologies and innovation to problems in mining.

Majors in Mining Engineering will learn to effectively exercise their profession in the exploratory and operational stages of mining. Graduates will have solid foundations in the chemical, physical, and thermodynamic sciences; technical knowledge of unit operation in a mine; a vision of sustainability in relation to the economic, social, and environmental impacts of a mining project; and a reflective outlook on current mining practices.

Recommended Exploratory Courses

  • IMM1003 Introduction to Mining

This course will allow students to obtain a general vision of the Major in Mining Engineering and the areas of knowledge that are studied.

Associated Depth Minors

  • Mining Operations and Management

Employment Prospects

The graduates of Bachelor of Science in Engineering with a Major in Mining Engineering will have the chance to be employed by mining companies within Chile and internationally, working on the different processes of extraction and processing and contributing with a systemic, business-oriented vision in daily responsibilities.

Program Director

“Forming agents of change for mining of the future,” Patricio Lillo Gajardo.

List of Elective Courses



Contact: majormineria@ing.puc.cl

This recommended curriculum is subject to modifications in accordance with current academic planning at the time of course enrollment. Stay informed as to the most recent updates to the Academic Plan.