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Major in Operations Research

This program combines a solid technical education in optimization processes, stochastic modeling, microeconomics, statistics, and other disciplines, preparing students to tackle, with an analytical and mathematical-modeling mindset, the planning, design, and implementation of complex economic and technological administration systems.

Majors in Operations Research develop the ability to model and resolve resource allocation problems (e.g. human, financial, and material) from a critical and systemic perspective, which allows them to face various practical problems in different institutions using fundamental engineering principles.

Recommended Exploratory Courses

  • ICS1113 Optimization

This course will allow students to obtain a general vision of the Major in Operations Research and the areas of knowledge that are studied.

Employment Prospects

The graduates of Bachelor of Science in Engineering with Major in Operations Research will be able find employment in a number of areas in both private and public organizations, including business administration, investment banking, economics, and finances, developing analytical models that contribute to decision-making processes and the analysis of risk and uncertainty.

Program Director

“Operations research will allow you to analytically address problems in complex organizations, from industrial manufacturers to public health systems,” Gustavo Angulo Olivares.

List of Elective Courses


Contact: investigacionoperativa@ing.puc.cl

This recommended curriculum is subject to modifications in accordance with current academic planning at the time of course enrollment. Stay informed as to the most recent updates to the Academic Plan.