Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Minor in Applied Mathematics

This minor is aimed at students who wish to broaden their training through the exploration of different areas associated with mathematical engineering.

Students in this minor will acquire advanced knowledge in mathematical modeling tools which is useful for solving highly complex problems.

Students enrolled in a program other than the Major in Mathematical Engineering may take this minor.

Required Courses

  • MAT2605 Scientific Calculus I
  • MAT251I Real Analysis

Elective Courses (*)

  • EYP2114 Statistical Inference
  • EYP280I Bayesian Methods
  • ICS1113 Optimization or ICS113H Optimization-Honors
  • IIC1253 Discrete Mathematics
  • IMT2111 Numerical Linear Algebra
  • IMT2113 Fourier Analysis
  • MAT250I Partial Differential Equations
  • MAT2205 Abstract Algebra I
  • MAT2305 Differential Geometry
  • MAT2415 Logic
  • MAT2545 Topology
  • MAT255I Functional Analysis
  • MAT270I Complex Variables I
  • MAT253I Integration Theory

(*) If any of the required courses have been previously taken, the necessary courses from the list must be approved to complete the 50 credits required by this minor.

The list of courses is subject to modifications according to the academic planning in effect at the time of course registration. Remember to always be informed of the latest updates to the Study Programs.