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Minor in Mining Engineering

This minor is aimed at students whose major programs do not specialized in mining.

This minor is aimed at students whose major programs do not specialized in mining and is meant for students who wish to add to their training in the area of ​​Mining Engineering and who want to understand the fundamentals in reservoir modeling, mining exploitation and mineral processing, and learn to apply methodologies that allow the improvement of associated processes and the identification of the best available technologies and promotion of the criteria of professional, environmental, ethical, and social responsibility. It will also help students develop a systematic view of mining businesses and learn how to obtain competitive and cutting edge products for the mining market.

Students enrolled in a program other than the Major in Mining Engineering may take this minor.

Required Courses

  • IMM2013 Open Pit Mining
  • IMM2023 Comminution Processes
  • IMM2043 Underground Mining
  • IMM2003 Mining Geology or ICE2623 Introduction to Physical Geology


Choose 10 credits between (*)

  • IMM2033 Geostatistics
  • IMM2033 Metallurgical Processes
  • IMM2073 Sustainable Mining
  • IMM298X Research or Project

(*) If any of the required courses have been previously taken, the necessary courses from the list must be approved to complete the 50 credits required by this minor.

The list of courses is subject to modifications according to the academic planning in effect at the time of course registration. Remember to always be informed of the latest updates to the Study Programs