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Minor in Technological Innovation

In this program, students will utilize tools to create and finance start-ups, as well as instruments and strategies for the protection of intellectual property and technology transfer.

This minor gives students the opportunity gain real-life experience in devising and developing prototypes and innovative projects. Students will also develop the skills to explore and recognize technological boundaries while applying strategies and key tools for the effective commercialization of technological innovations. 

Students who earn this minor will develop creativity, communication, teamwork, leadership and negotiation skills for the design and implementation of innovative solutions.

Students enrolled in a program other than the Major in Engineering, Design and Innovation may take this Minor.

Required Courses

  • IDI2031 Prototyping and Validation of Technological Innovations
  • ICS2031 Strategy and Commercialization of Technological Innovations
  • ICS2032 How to Finance and Build a Startup 
  • ING2031 Technology Scouting & Competitive Intelligence
  • DEM298 Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer


Pass 10 credits between the following courses: (*)

  • Research or Project
  • Directed Personal Work (**)
  • Another In-Depth Technological Course

(*) Approval of 10 credits among the list of optional courses offered by the School of Engineering or Institute linked to the School of Engineering and previously approved by the School’s Undergraduate Committee.

(**) In the case of choosing Directed Personal Work, 2 courses must be approved to meet the 10 required credits.

The list of courses is subject to modifications according to the academic planning in effect at the time of course registration. Remember to always be informed of the latest updates to the Study Programs.