Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Specialization in Premed

This minor is aimed at students of the Major in Biomedical Engineering who wish to specialize in Medicine.

This minor has a limited number of vacancies and a selection process is required for admission.

General Training Plan requirement (**)

  • MED107A Bases and Foundations of Medicine I
  • MED108A Bases and Foundations of Medicine II
  • MED109A Medical Psychology (***)
  • MED206A Public Health (***)

Required Courses

  • MED111A Morphology I
  • MED212A Morphology II
  • MED213A Morphology III
  • MED208A Immunology and Genetics

(*) This minor is exclusively for students who take the Premedicine Track, which consists of 50 credits and requires the approval of the courses indicated with (**) as part of the General Training Plan.

(**) It is necessary to pass these courses as General Training Elective for both the minor and the articulation with the UC Surgeon Degree.

(***) Because these courses have 40 credits, they must be approved together.

The list of courses is subject to modifications according to the academic planning in effect at the time of course registration. Remember to always be informed of the latest updates to the Study Programs.