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What to expect from our academic plan?

We offer a flexible, internationally aligned curriculum that is focused on promoting research, interdisciplinarity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Our Academic Plan, in place since 2013, provides a dynamic, flexible curricular reorganization that includes new action areas and a developmental focus on interdisciplinarity. The same emphasis is given to promoting the applied sciences, technology, research, and student-driven innovations. Our curriculum is aligned with international standards, facilitating an exchange of local and international graduate students and, in many cases, accelerating job placements and entrepreneurship.

The UC Engineering Academic Plan includes two stages:

  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering (4 years)
  • Options for receiving UC Professional Titles, working towards a graduate degree, or seeking early work placement and entrepreneurship.

First stage: Bachelor of Science in Engineering (4 years)

The first stage follows a T structure, beginning with general courses (applicable across areas) and then focusing on specialized courses (specific to each major):

  • General courses cover the basic sciences (chemistry, biology, math, and physics), the UC Core Curriculum, and transversally applicable subjects such as design, research, innovation, and entrepreneurship, with room for undergraduate research initiatives.
  • Specialized courses are specific to each major. Students must complete 60 SCT Chile* to fulfill the degree requirements, with courses coherently grouped according to the graduate profile. The UC School of Engineering currently offers 13 disciplinary and 9 interdisciplinary majors.
  • Students must also complete a minor (30 SCT Chile), the courses of which are coherently grouped according to the graduate profile. Students have the option to minor in an area other than their major or to further specialize within their major.

Additionally, students may enroll in an exploration course, which guides them on the distinct major programs. After completing the four-year major and minor courses, in addition to other requirements, students will be granted a Bachelor of Science in Engineering. The profile of each graduate will be nearly unique and will depend on the chosen major/minor combination.

* The Transferable Credit System, denominated SCT Chile (Spanish acronym), seeks to measure, streamline, and distribute the academic load of students among the diverse curricular requirements of academic plans.

The Bachelor of Science in Engineering stage can be summarized as follows:

What are majors and minors?

MAJOR: A concentration of courses equivalent to 60 SCT Chile, conformed by a coherent DISCIPLINARY or INTERDISCIPLINARY academic plan.

MINOR: A concentration of courses equivalent to 30 SCT Chile, conformed by a coherent academic plan in a determined discipline and that can either add BREADTH or DEPTH to the student’s chosen major.

The 2013 Curriculum offers:

  • 13 Disciplinary Majors
  • 9 Interdisciplinary Majors
  • 20 Depth Minors
  • 19 Breadth Minors

Second stage: Options after receiving your Bachelor

After obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Engineering, students can choose to:

  1. Obtain professional title as a UC Engineer*.
  2. Obtain another UC professional title. Programs currently exist for receiving certification as a UC Medical Surgeon, Architect, or Designer.**
  3. Continue work towards a graduate degree (Master and Doctorate). This can be with the UC*** or another institution. Students must independently undergo graduate admissions.
  4. Early work insertion or entrepreneurship.

* Separate applications are not needed for students choosing to obtain certification as a UC Civil Engineer. The duration of the certification program will depend on the major/minor/certification combination chosen by the student.

** Vacancies for these certification programs are limited, and interested students must participate in an application and selection process.

*** Students can begin UC Master and Doctorate Programs concurrent to receiving professional certification as a UC Civil Engineer.