Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Allen J., Eboli L., Forciniti C., Mazzulla G., Ortúzar J. de D. (2018)

The role of critical incidents and involvement in transit satisfaction and loyalty.

Revista : Transport Policy
Volumen : 75
Páginas : 57-69
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We analyse the relationship between transit passengers’ satisfaction and loyalty. Understanding passengers’ behavioural intentions after experiencing a service is an essential task for transit managers. We use structural equation models (SEM) to explore the relationship among various satisfaction latent constructs. In particular, we introduce Loyalty, which represents the intent to recommend the service. We also introduce the concept of Critical incidents (CI), i.e., a closure of a transit line in the last three months (planned) or a service anomaly in the past month. (unplanned), and hypothesise that CI negatively affects any attribute specific satisfaction construct. Our findings show that CI significantly impact all attribute specific- satisfaction constructs, especially the unplanned events during the last month.