Publicaciones DITL 2022

Estas son las recientes publicaciones del Departamento de Ingeniería de Transporte y Logística:

Basnak, P., Giesen, R., & Muñoz, J. C. (2022). Estimation of crowding factors for public transport during the COVID-19 pandemic in Santiago, Chile. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 159, 140-156.

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Fukushi, M., Delgado, F., Raveau, S. and Santos, B. (2022). CHAIRS: A choice-based air transport simulator applied to airline competition and revenue management. Transportation Research Part A 155, 297-315.

Garrido-Valenzuela, F., Raveau, S. and Herrera, J.C. (2022). Bayesian route choice inference to address missed Bluetooth detections. IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems 23, 1865-1874.

González-Valdés, F., Heydecker, B.G. & Ortúzar, J. de D. (2022). Quantifying behavioural difference in latent class models to assess empirical identifiability: analytical development and application to multiple heuristics. Journal of Choice Modelling.

Guerrero, T.E., Guevara, C.A., Cherchi, E. & Ortúzar, J. de D. (2022). Characterizing the impact of discrete indicators to correct for endogeneity in discrete choice models. Journal of Choice Modelling 42

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Mix, R., Hurtubia, R. and Raveau, S. (2022). Optimal location of bike-sharing stations: a built environment and accessibility approach. Transportation Research Part A 160, 126-142.

Yerly Martínez-Estupiñan, Felipe Delgado, Juan Carlos Muñoz, and Kari E. Watkins. Understanding what elements influence a bus driver to use headway regularity tools: case study of Santiago public transit system (2022). Transportmetrica A: Transport Science (TTRA)

Ortúzar, J. de D. (2022) Framework for designing sample travel surveys for transport demand modelling in cities: some comments. Transportation.