Adjudicación FONDEF (IT) IDeA 2023


Investigador(a) Responsable  TÍTULO DEL PROYECTO AGENCIA PROGRAMA  Inicio Término
Felipe Núñez (Eléctrica) Age of information as design metric for IOT-based networked control systems ANID FONDECYT 2021 2023
Álvaro Videla Development of a revaloritazation model for copper flotation tailings bases on solution mining and bioleaching ANID FONDECYT 2021 2024
Wernher Brevis Decay of Grid Turbulence in yield-stress and shear-thinning fluids ANID FONDECYT 2021 2024
José Cembrano


Geological and Mechanical significance of fault intersections and their role in geofluid flow in the crust: key Andean volcanic complexes as case studies ANID FONDECYT 2021 2024
Wernher Brevis Validación de modelo de aerosoles Donación 2021 2021
Álvaro Videla Desarrollo de Prototipo de Oxidación Avanzada para Estabilización de Efluentes Mineros Arsenicales ANID FONDEF 2020 2022
Wernher Brevis Desarrollo de un nuevo paradigma de implantes de pene para el tratamiento de disfunción eréctil severa ANID FONDEF 2020 2022
Angelina Anani Optimizing the Production schedule of mine operations transitioning from open pit to underground ANID FONDECYT 2019 2021
Felipe Nuñez (Eléctrica) Cyber-physical systems for smart mining: Industrial electronics 4.0 and data-driven process control ANID PIA 2019 2022
Patricio Lillo Dual fuel hydrogen-diesel combustion system for mining haul trucks CORFO 2018 2022