2 mayo, 2022

Seminario: «Numerical models of dilatation and shearing in Chilean volcano-tectonic systems: the Tatara-San Pedro and the Cordon Caulle areas»

Expone: Muriel Gerbault, Ph.D., Universidad de Montpellier, Francia.

10 de mayo de 2022, 13:00 hrs. Actividad presencial.

Lugar: Sala de clases, Departamento de Ingeniería Estructural y Geotécnica.

Estas semanas tenemos el honor de tener de visita a la investigadora del área de las Geociencias, Muriel Gerbault, Ph.D. de la Universidad de Montpellier, Francia, quien se encuentra colaborando con nuestro académico José Cembrano. Ella nos trae el seminario «Numerical models of dilatation and shearing in Chilean volcano-tectonic systems: the Tatara-San Pedro and the Cordon Caulle areas», que se realizará el día 10 de mayo a las 13:00 hrs.


The transpressional tectonics of the Southern Chile volcanic arc display a variety of fault zones and magmatic interactions. Here two specific study areas are presented, for which numerical models allowed to test the role of kinematic and mechanical properties and better constrain some mechanical triggers.

The first study targets the Cordon Caulle 2011 eruption, carried by Camila Novoa’s PHD at GET. Analysis of Insar data before, during and after the eruption, together with models accounting for elasto-plastic behavior, allow to disentangle the potential contributions from magmatic inflation and dextral fault zone motion (Novoa et al., EPSL, 2022).

The second study is inspired from the Tatara-San Pedro volcanic complex, where available geophysical and structural data allow to investigate the potential link of the Mariposa geothermal field with an inflating magmatic reservoir and dextral fault slip, set ca. 3 km apart. Elasto-plastic models show how the mechanical and geometrical properties determine the deformation field. They show in particular the development of dilatation facilitating geofluid inflow in the intermediate rock mass (Ruz Ginouves et al., 2021).

Javiera Ruz Ginouves’s field work was supported by Fondecyt projects carried by professors J. Cembrano and J. Browning, and both studies received support from a franco-chilean ECOS-Sud grant to M. Gerbault and J. Cembrano

Nuestro Expositor

With a PHD in numerical geodynamics at the University of Montpellier in 1999, France, Muriel then achieved two post-docs characterising the thermomechanical dynamics of the Southern Alps in New Zealand, then the European Alps crustal flow in the Netherlands. Muriel was hired at IRD, french research institute in 2002 in Toulouse ( now the GET). Three years at the University of Chile, Santiago, from 2004 to 2008 gave her the opportunity to explore the thermomechanical properties of the Chilean subduction zone, and initiated her interest in volcano-tectonics. Driven by the main question of how deep magmatic fluids manage their way up from the mantle to the surface through the crust and lithosphere at different scales, her study areas also include the Reunion hotspot volcano Piton de la Fournaise, as well as the European Variscan and Aegean orogenies for the study of partially molten crust exhumation. A joint french-chilean ECOS-Sud project (2018-2022) motivates Muriel’s present visit to the Department of Structural and Geotechnical Engineering (with Pr. J. Cembrano and D. Hurtado).

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