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Zurita G. (2006)

An ad-hoc wireless network architecture for face-to-face mobile collaborative applications

Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 3894, 42-55,

Tipo de publicación: ISI UC
Departamento: Ciencia de la Computación

Centros: Centro de Estudios de Políticas y Prácticas en Educación
Áreas: Ciencias de la Computación Teoría y Métodos
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An architecture for building an ad-hoc wireless network is presented in which various face-to-face, peer-to-peer collaborative applications function simultaneously and the interconnections between group members are highly dynamic and self-organizing. To illustrate how the architecture implements communication, examples of client-server and point-to-point communication are given. An interconnection architecture of a Mobile Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (MCSCL) environment is analyzed in detail. Its communication protocols are showed with sequence diagrams. The paper concludes with an evaluation of the architecture’s performance.