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Rodríguez P.Dombrovskaia L. (2013)

Evolutionary development: a model for the design, implementation, and evaluation of ICT for education programmes

Journal of Computer Assisted Learning., 28, 2, 81-98.,

Tipo de publicación: ISI UC
Departamento: Ciencia de la Computación

Centros: Centro de Estudios de Políticas y Prácticas en Educación
Áreas: Educación e Investigación Educativa
Palabras clave: ASSESSMENT , cost-effectiveness , design-research , monitoring and evaluation , primary and secondary education , scaling up Ver publicación


The impact of information and communication technology (ICT) in primary and secondary education is still an open question. Following review of the available literature, we classify the causes of the lack of impact on students' attainment in four dimensions: (1) the design and implementation of ICT in educational settings; (2) the evaluation of its impact; (3) the scaling up of these kinds of innovations; and (4) the cost-effectiveness of technology-enhanced learning environments. Based on this evidence, we proposed the evolutionary development model (EDM), which aims to produce a cost-effective and sustainable ICT for education (ICT4E) programme in three steps: efficacy, effectiveness, and efficiency. In each step, one component of the programme is built and validated in real educational settings. Therefore, the resultant ICT4E programme is ready to be replicated across the school system. We also show how the EDM guided the development of a programme based on mobile computer supported collaborative learning, known as Eduinnova. Finally, we discuss how EDM can serve as an analysis tool for researchers and policy makers.