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Valdivia R. (2007)

Face to face collaborative learning in computer science classes

International Journal of Engineering Education, 23, 3, 434-440,

Tipo de publicación: ISI UC
Departamento: Ciencia de la Computación

Palabras clave: ASSESSMENT , COMPUTER SCIENCE TEACHING , face-to-face collaborative learning Ver publicación


This study describes the application and effects of technological support for collaboration in a computer science course for engineering students. The technology in question is based on a wireless network of PDAs that implements a classroom dynamic to stimulate communication, discussion while arriving at agreement on questions put to students. The results obtained permit us to conclude that permanent use of Mobile Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (MCSCL) sessions improves the performance of students and their interest in the course. Furthermore, they demonstrated a greater ability to communicate both with their fellows and the professor, thus bettering their course results.