Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Ferrada, X., Sepúlveda, M., Serpell, A., Núñez, D. and Neyem, A. (2014) Procedia Engineering, Volume 85, 2014, Pages 157–165 (2014)

A Lessons-learned Mobile System for Construction Companies: Motivation and Design

Revista : Procedia Engineering (Scopus)
Volumen : 85
Páginas : 157-165
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Construction projects are an important source of organizational knowledge. Though, it is common to find that most lessons learned in construction projects are lost because most companies never take care of collecting them. To change this situation, a mobile lesson-learned system application with interface for smartphones and web in a cloud environment is proposed. This article focuses on the design of a prototype of the system and the main characteristics of its architecture. It is concluded that the application of mobile technology on the field would facilitate the use of the system, been an appropriate tool for knowledge management.