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Munoz, J.C., R. Giesen, F. DelgadoO. Ibarra-Rojas (2021) ACES technologiespublic transport operations and control. In Handbook of Public Transport Research. Editor Graham Currie. Edward Elgar: Cheltenham, 373-387. (2020)

ACES technologies and public transport operations and control.

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Cities need a healthy public transport industry to attract users, so that they prefer sustainable mobility options. In a context with huge technological changes in all modes of transportation, it is critical that cities embrace new technologies to provide better and more efficient public transport services. In this chapter, we present an analysis of the impacts and opportunities for public transport systems of four technological trends in transportation. These are Autonomous, Connected, Electric and Shared (ACES) vehicles. We conclude that in order for ACES to benefit society, even though in some cases a free market competition might be enough, in many others a strong normative framework and public infrastructure would be needed. Moreover, we argue that setting this policy right might have important consequences for the efficiency, livability and sustainability of cities involved. We also discuss some of the challenges that these technological transitions might produce on public transport.