Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Belmar F., Gaete M.I., Escalona G., Carnier M., Durán V., Villagrán I., Asbun D., Cortés M., Neyem A., Crovari F., Alseidi A., Varas J. (2022)

Artificial intelligence in laparoscopic simulation: a promising future for large-scale automated evaluations

Revista : Surgical Endoscopy
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A limitation to expanding laparoscopic simulation training programs is the scarcity of expert evaluators. In 2019, a new digital platform for remote and asynchronous laparoscopic simulation training was validated. Through this platform, 369 trainees have been trained in 14 institutions across Latin America, collecting 6729 videos of laparoscopic training exercises. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) has recently emerged in surgical simulation, showing usefulness in training assessment, virtual reality scenarios, and laparoscopic virtual reality simulation. An AI algorithm to assess basic laparoscopic simulation training exercises was developed. This study aimed to analyze the agreement between this AI algorithm and expert evaluators in assessing basic laparoscopic-simulated training exercises.