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Chapter 5: Groundwater resources of Chile

Revista : Water Resources of Chile. World Water Resources, vol 8. Springer
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This chapter presents the status of groundwater resources in Chile focusing on two relevant aspects. First, the geological and climatic aspects that shape the country’s hydrogeological configuration. These, in turn, provide the context for the hydrogeological configuration within the country. Then, based on the official information provided by the Dirección General de Aguas, DGA, a quantification of groundwater resources in the different hydrogeological administrative units is presented. To illustrate the different typologies of aquifer encountered in the country, some examples of relevant hydrogeological basins are described. Through these examples, we also display different problems that are foreseen in terms of groundwater knowledge, overexploitation, restricted areas, water quality, and climate change, among other factors. Finally, based on the information found, future challenges related to groundwater resources are presented.