Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Langarica S., Nunez F. (2023)

Contrastive blind denoising autoencoder for real time denoising of industrial IoT sensor data

Volumen : 120
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In an industrial IoT setting, ensuring the quality of sensor data is a must when data-driven algorithms operate on the upper layers of the control system. Unfortunately, the common place in industrial facilities is to find sensor time series heavily corrupted by noise and outliers. This work proposes a purely data-driven self-supervised learning-based approach, based on a blind denoising autoencoder, for real time denoising of industrial sensor data. The term blind stresses that no prior knowledge about the noise is required for denoising, in contrast to typical denoising autoencoders. Blind denoising is achieved by using a noise contrastive estimation (NCE) regularization on the latent space of the autoencoder, which not only helps to denoise but also induces a meaningful and smooth latent space that can be exploited in other downstream tasks. Experimental evaluation in both a simulated system and a real industrial process shows that the proposed technique outperforms classical denoising methods.