Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Omar Zegarra & Luis F. Alarcón (2019)

Coordination of teams, meetings, and managerial processes in construction projects: using a lean and complex adaptive mechanism

Revista : Production Planning & Control
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In a construction project, the ‘production planning and control’ function drives the deployment of construction operations. A reliable function is therefore essential. Currently, this function is supplied using economic/contractual and production processes. This approach, however, disregards the explicit regulation of teams, meetings, and the linkages between the function’s elements. Using Lean Management and Complexity theories, we studied a mechanism to address this issue. Using data from an 18-storey building construction project in a case study, this paper analyses a prototype system for driving the function using their linkages. A questionable behaviour beyond the function’s capability was found. This behaviour involves complex, flexible, and push features, focused on execution, where the linkages driven by teams, meetings and processes cause variation from 10% up to 54% in the failure reasons, the progress, and the reliability. These findings suggest a function driven by its complexity level. These new insights require further study.