Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Cádiz R. (2020)

Creating Music With Fuzzy Logic

Revista : Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence
Volumen : 3
Número : 59
Páginas : 1-20
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Fuzzy logic is an artificial intelligence technique that has applications in many areas, due to its importance in handling uncertain inputs. Despite the great recent success of other branches of AI, such as deep neural networks, fuzzy logic is still a very powerful machine learning technique, based on expert reasoning, that can be of help in many areas of musical creativity, such as composing music, synthesizing sounds, gestural mappings in electronic instruments, parametric control of sound synthesis, audiovisual content generation or sonification. We propose that fuzzy logic is a very suitable framework for thinking and operating not only with sound and acoustic signals but also with symbolic representations of music. In this article, we discuss the application of fuzzy logic ideas to music, introduce the Fuzzy Logic Control Toolkit, a set of tools to use fuzzy logic inside the MaxMSP real-time sound synthesis environment, and show how some fuzzy logic concepts can be used and incorporated into fields, such as algorithmic composition, sound synthesis and parametric control of computer music. Finally, we discuss the composition of Incerta, an acousmatic multichannel composition as a concrete example of the application of fuzzy concepts to musical creation.