Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Leiva C., Muñoz J.C., Giesen R. and Larrain H. (2010)

Design of limited-stop services for an urban bus corridor with capacity constraints

Revista : Transportation Research Part B-Methodological
Volumen : 44
Número : 10
Páginas : 1186-1201
Tipo de publicación : ISI


In high-demand bus networks, limited-stop services promise benefits for both users and
operators, and have proven their attractiveness in systems such as Transmilenio (Bogota,
Colombia) and Transantiago (Santiago, Chile). The design of these services involves defining
their itinerary, frequency and vehicle size, yet despite the importance of these factors
for the network’s efficiency, no published works appear to provide the tools for designing
high-frequency unscheduled services on an urban bus corridor, minimizing social costs.
This paper presents an optimization approach that minimizes these costs in terms of
wait time, in-vehicle travel time and operator cost. Various optimization models are formulated
that can accommodate the operating characteristics of a bus corridor, given an origin–
destination trip matrix and a set of services that are a priori attractive. The models then
determine which of these services should be offered at what frequencies and with which
type of vehicles. A case study in which the model is applied to a real-world case of a bus
corridor in the city of Santiago, Chile, is presented and the results are analyzed. Finally,
the model is used on two different demand scenarios establishing which type of services
tend to be good candidates on each case and providing preliminary insights on the impact
of some key parameters.