Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Calderón S., Arnau O., Sandoval C. (2019)

Detailed micro-modeling approach and solution strategy for laterally loaded reinforced masonry shear walls

Revista : Engineering Structures
Volumen : 201
Páginas : 109786
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Although multiple experimental investigations have been performed to characterize the structural behavior of partially grouted reinforced masonry (PG-RM) shear walls, still many knowledge gaps exist due to the complexity of their mechanical behavior. Furthermore, the fact that PG-RM is a composite material has limited the progress of the numerical modeling of these elements. In order to contribute to the knowledge of the in-plane response of PG-RM walls, this paper presents a detailed micro-modeling approach to simulate the behavior of these walls under in-plane lateral loads. Numerical results are validated by comparison with experimental results of PG-RM walls with bed-joint reinforcement. Special attention is given to the numerical implementation and solution strategy of the models due to the difficulties of solving the strong nonlinearities involved in the walls’ response. The obtained results allow us to conclude that the proposed approach is suitable for simulating the lateral response of PG-RM shear walls, including crack patterns observed during experimental tests. In addition, the performed parametric study shows that selecting adequate numerical parameters is vital to avoid misleading results.