Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Espinoza A., Walzack M., Molina N., Jhan W., Brevis B. (2022)

Erosion under turbulent flow: a CFD-based simulation of near-wall turbulent impacts with experimental validation

Revista : Engineering Applications of Computational Fluid Mechanics
Páginas : 1526-1545
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Engineering systems operating under particle-laden turbulent flow regimes, such as slurry pumps,are prone to erosive wear,where the specific conditions of particle impingement are crucial for determining the wear rate of the eroding surface andthus its relevance for the mechanical or hydraulic system. However, the near-wall interactions under turbulent flows imposea challenge for the formulation and validation of experimental and numerical models that describe the particle’strajectories close to the surface. This work analyzes the statistics of particle impacts obtained from a Large-Eddy Simulation(LES) with the Wall-Adapting Local Eddy-Viscosity (WALE) model of the flow and its consistency with experimental data onErosion under turbulent flow: a CFD-basedsimulation of near-wall turbulent impacts withexperimental validation[Q1]Recto running head : ENGINEERING APPLICATIONS OF COMPUTATIONAL FLUID MECHANICSVerso running head : A.ESPINOZA-JARA ET AL.the statistical distributions of particle impact angle and impact direction determined in a slurry pot configuration. Theresulting distributions of impact angle, impact direction, and particle velocity derived from the implemented CFDformulation produced characteristic values similar to those derived from experimental data. The LES-WALE approach usedin this work offers shorter computational times and is shown valid by comparative analysis with direct simulation. Themodel’sapplicabilityand prospective dynamic simulation of practical engineering casesare discussed.