Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Prieto A.J., Guiñez F., Ortiz M., González M. (2022)

Fuzzy Inference System for Predicting Functional Service Life of Concrete Pavements in Airports

Revista : Infrastructures
Volumen : 7
Número : 12
Páginas : 162
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Concerning one of the most important tasks of road structure management is the development of methods to predict their own functional or physical service life, which allows for objectively evaluating the state of road structures that are being considered or are already in operation with minimal labor and monetary incomes. Fuzzy logic systems constitute one successful methodology used for the valuation of pavement degradation. The clustering that focuses on pavement degradation conditions is normally performed by a visual inspection or using data collected by automated distress measurement equipment. Fuzzy sets theory provides different advantages for including a certain degree of uncertainty in the pavement performance index, subjective analysis, and maintenance assessments and can greatly improve consistency and reduce subjectivity in the degradation process. The main objective of this study was to develop a new fuzzy logic-based model to predict the functional service life of concrete pavement conditions and maintenance action evaluations concerning the airport network of Viña del Mar, Central Chile, and using pavement distress data from the Directorate of Airports, Ministry of Public Works of Chile. The proposed fuzzy logic model can be remarkably beneficial for design, construction, and maintenance, to evaluate design decisions for the measurable and objective valuation of deviations in the quality of construction, and for timely forecasting work based on continuous observing of the current infrastructure system.