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B. Daneshrad, C. Oberli, J. Bhatia, and Y. Shah, “Generalized RAKE receiver for wireless communication, ” U.S. Patent 7 606 295, 2009. (2009)

Generalized RAKE receiver for wireless communication

Revista : U.S. Patent 7 606 295
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The present invention is related to a generalized rake receiver for a wireless communication system. The rake receiver comprises a plurality of finger correlators and a plurality of escort correlators. Each finger correlator demodulates each multipath components of the transmitted signal. The escort correlator is used for multipath tracking for optimal finger placement and weight estimation for demodulation. The escort correlator is located in vicinity of multipath center and is programmable within a chip and at a resolution finer than a chip. Weight vector is estimated using the estimate of the total base station energy based upon the pilot information from the base stations in soft-handoff.