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HIRES, the High-resolution Spectrograph for the ELT

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HIRES will be the high-resolution spectrograph at optical and near-infrared (NIR) wavelengths for ESO’s Extremely Large Telescope (ELT). It will consist of three fibre-fed spectrographs providing a wavelength coverage of 0.4-1.8 µm (with a goal of 0.35-1.8 µm) at a spectral resolution of ~ 100 000. Fibre-feeding allows HIRES to have several interchangeable observing modes, including a single-conjugate adaptive optics (SCAO) module and a small diffraction-limited integral field unit in the NIR. It will therefore be able to operate in both seeing- and diffraction-limited modes. HIRES will address a wide range of science cases spanning nearly all areas of research in astrophysics and even fundamental physics. Some of the top science cases will be the detection of biosignatures from exoplanet atmospheres, finding the fingerprints of the first generation of stars (Pop III), tests on the stability of Nature’s fundamental couplings, and the direct detection of the cosmic acceleration. The HIRES consortium is composed of more than 30 institutes from 14 countries, forming a team of more than 200 scientists and engineers.