Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Alemsan N., Tortorella G.L., Mac Cawley A., Toboada C.M., Portioli A. (2021)

Implementing a material planning and control method for special nutrition in a Brazilian public hospital

Revista : International Journal of Health Planning and Management
Páginas : 1-12
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This study aims to (i) propose a demand forecast model for special nutrition materials in the context of health services, and (ii) comparatively evaluate three inventory management and control systems (periodic review, continuous review and mixed) for special nutrition materials. For that, we carried out a case study in a Brazilian public teaching hospital where data and information collection were conducted over a span of 22 months (from January 2018 and were consolidated until October 2019). A six-step approach was followed to propose the demand forecasting models and, later, evaluate the inventory control systems for special nutrition materials. Results indicate that if the organization implements the proposed inventory management method, there could be savings of up to 33% in the stock values managed by the healthcare organization. This research shows the planning and control of special nutrition materials in an integrated manner. Demand forecasting methods have been combined with inventory management to promote systemic improvements to healthcare organization.