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Anderson, D.Mourgues, C. (2014). ”Industry Participation in Construction Capstone Courses: A Company’s Experience.” Pract. Period. Struct. Des. Constr. 19, SPECIAL ISSUE: Construction Engineering: Leveraging Project and Career Success, 73–76. (2013)

Industry Participation in Construction Capstone Courses – A company’s experience

Revista : Practice Periodical on Structural Design and Construction
Volumen : 19
Páginas : 73-76
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Capstone courses – where students collaboratively apply their knowledge to solve realistic project challenges – are a common component in many Civil Engineering programs. The participation of industry partners in these capstone courses is also common. However, the configuration of these courses and the role the industry plays in them vary across the engineering programs and there is not a clear best practice. This paper describes the experience of a company participating in capstone courses and summarizes the lessons learned.