Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Flores F.X., Finley F.A., López-García D. (2014)

Influence of the gravity framing system on the collapse performance of special steel moment frames

Revista : Journal of Constructional Steel Research
Volumen : 101
Páginas : 351-362
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This paper investigates the influence of the gravity framing system on the seismic performance of special Steel moment frames (SMFs). The buildings used in this study were taken from one of the examples that form part of the ATC-76-1 project, which used the FEMA P-695 methodology to assess the collapse probability of SMF systems. Two, four and eight storySMFs were analyzed with and without the gravity frame to quantify their collapse performance. Aspects of the gravity frame that were investigated include the contribution of stiffness and strength of beam to column connections, and the location of splices in the gravity columns. Moreover, this research investigates the potential for the development of inelastic deformations in the gravity columns, and the effect of such deformations on structural response. The results show that gravity connections and gravity column continuity profoundly affect the computed response and collapse probability. The inelastic behavior in gravity columns has a less important effect but should be included in the analysis.