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LCA and sustainable building assessment methods

Revista : Proceedings II Chilean Conference of LCA
Volumen : 1
Número : 1
Páginas : 79-83
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Currently, there are more than 600 methods in the world to evaluate, qualify and certify the sustainability of different types of buildings and / or building components at different stages of the life cycle. The life cycle of a building project could be defined as the period of time from the first project idea to the total elimination of the construction, and subsequent placement in landfill or recycling, and can be divided into different stages. Therefore, the objective of this document is to review, identify, and study how the main evaluation methods in force contemplate these various stages. To achieve these objectives, an exhaustive review of the literature has been carried out, from which 36 methods have been identified and 7 stages of the life cycle in which it is applied have been defined. The results of this work would serve as a useful reference for the main agents involved, interested in knowing the current scenario in terms of life cycle assessment and sustainable building.