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Pishtari G., Rodríguez?Triana M. J., Sarmiento?Márquez E. M.,  Pérez?Sanagustín M., Ruiz?Calleja A., Santos P.,   Prieto L. P., Serrano-Iglesias S., Väljataga T. (2020)

Learning design and learning analytics in mobile and ubiquitous learning: A systematic review

Revista : British Journal of Educational Technology
Volumen : 51
Número : 4
Páginas : 1078-1100
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Mobile and Ubiquitous Learning (m/u?learning) are finding an increasing adoption in education. They are often distinguished by hybrid learning environments that encompass elements of formal and informal learning, in activities that happen in distributed settings (indoors and outdoors), across physical and virtual spaces. Despite their purported benefits, these environments imply additional complexity in the design, monitoring and evaluation of learning activities. The research literature on learning design (LD) and learning analytics (LA) has started to deal with these issues. This paper presents a systematic literature review of LD and LA, in m/u?learning. Apart from providing an overview of the current research in the field, this review elicits elements of common ground between both communities, as shown by the similar learning contexts and complementary research contributions, and based on the research gaps, proposes to: address m/u?learning beyond higher education settings, reinforce the connection between physical and virtual learning spaces, and more systematically align LD and LA processes.