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Lightweight Urban Train Using Only Ultracapacitors as Energy Storage

Revista : International Conference on Electric Vehicles and Renewable Energies
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The objective of this paper is to analyze the technical feasibility of the implementation of a lightweight railcar, which uses only ultracapacitors as power supply. The basic operating principle of this lightweight railcar is to charge the ultracapacitor bank while the vehicle is at the station, and to get to the next stop with only that energy. Using a short electrified rail at the ceiling of each station, the ultracapacitors of the railcar are charged through a small pantograph located at the rear side of the train. The pantograph remains supplying power to the vehicle since it stops until it leaves the station, assisting the acceleration and saving ultracapacitor power. This becomes possible because of the extremely high specific power of the ultracapacitors, allowing full charge in short periods of time. The transport system is explained and the feasibility is analyzed by running simulations using NREL Advisor 2002. The transportation system turns out to be feasible from the technical point of view, considering a driving cycle with typical values.