Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Arias I., Zarza E., Valenzuela L., Pérez-García M., Romero J.A., Escobar R. (2021)

Modeling and Hourly Time-Scale Characterization of the Main Energy Parameters of Parabolic-Trough Solar Thermal Power Plants Using a Simplified Quasi-Dynamic Model

Revista : Energies
Volumen : 14
Número : 1
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A simplified mathematical model of parabolic-trough solar thermal power plants, whichallow one to carry out an energetic characterization of the main thermal parameters that influence thesolar field performance, was evaluated through a comparison of simulation results. Two geographicallocations were selected to evaluate the mathematical model proposed in this work—one in eachhemisphere—and design considerations according with the practical/operational experience weretaken. Furthermore, independent simulations were performed using the System Advisor Model(SAM) software, their results were compared with those obtained by the simplified model. Accordingwith the above, the mathematical model allows one to carry out simulations with a high degree offlexibility and adaptability, in which the equations that allow the plant to be energetically characterizedare composed of a series of logical conditions that help identify boundary conditions betweendawn and sunset, direct normal irradiance transients, and when the thermal energy storage systemmust compensate the solar field energy deficits to maintain the full load operation of the plant. Dueto the above, the developed model allows one to obtain satisfactory simulation results; referring tothe net electric power production, this model provides results in both hemispheres with a relativepercentage error in the range of [0.28–8.38%] compared with the results obtained with the SAM, withmean square values of 4.57% and 4.21% for sites 1 and 2, respectively.