Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Pinto F.J., Ledezma C., Astroza R., Abell J.A. (2021)

Modeling the Loss of Vibration Energy in Buildings to Elastic-waves Using High-fidelity FE Modeling and Absorbent Exterior Boundaries

Revista : Journal of Earthquake Engineering
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The modeling of structural damping due to the excitation of elastic-waves into the surrounding soil domain, and its effect on structural response as apparent modal damping is explored herein. Four high-fidelity, linear finite-element models of building-site systems, with 20–50 storeys and 2–7 basement levels, are simulated in OpenSees to evaluate their frequency response. Radiation-damping is provided by a layer of high-damping elements, whose design is explored in detail. Results show that up to 1% of apparent, low-amplitude damping can be attributed to radiation-damping depending on number of stories and depth of embedment.