Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Fernández C., Vergara J. (2021)

Multi-criteria comparison of nuclear reactors using the MULTIMOORA method: A case of study for Chile

Revista : Progress in Nuclear Energy
Volumen : 138
Número : 103802
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Technology selection is a major issue in nuclear power since it restrains further options. Once generally accepted by society, a methodology is needed to analyze and synthetize multidimensional parameters for an optimum selection. The International Atomic Energy Agency has developed Comparison criteria for innovative reactors and fuel cycles. Our task was to develop an extension of the Multi-Objective Optimization by Ratio Analysis (MULTIMOORA) for advanced nuclear reactor prioritization in developing countries. The objective of this work was to apply such multi-criteria analysis technique for decision making to a Chilean nuclear power programme based on policy recommendations. We selected a list of conceptual designs recognized by the Agency that were compatible with Chilean energy needs, applying the IAEA’s INPRO methodology and proposing three priority sets, and we obtained Performance Rankings for those. Based on anticipated parameters, NuScale and EC6 reactors stood high based on their performance opposed by the ACP100 and VVER600 reactors. The SMART and SVBR100 reactors were sensitive to the priority set, as devised. Our model performed reasonably and needs further proofs for extended scenarios and conditions.