Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Mata C., Palenzuela P., Alarcón D., Zurita A., Cardemil J.M., Escobar R. (2021)

Multi-objective optimization of a Concentrating Solar Power + Photovoltaic + Multi-Effect Distillation plant: Understanding the impact of the solar irradiation and the plant location

Revista : Energy Conversion and Management
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This research work presents the assessment of the impact of the solar irradiation, the distance from the coast, and the altitude of the location for a Concentrated Solar Power?+?Photovoltaic?+?Multi-Effect Distillation (CSP?+?PV?+?MED) plant for simultaneous power generation and seawater desalination. For that, a comparative analysis of the thermoeconomic cost of electricity and water (TCE and TCW) at different locations is carried out to determine the most competitive sites where this kind of cogeneration plant can be deployed. Also, multi-objective optimization is performed to assess the optimum sizing that allows reducing the costs. The study considers four Direct Normal Irradiation (DNI) levels (from 2000 to 3500?kWh/m2-yr), six distances from the sea (from 5 to 100?km), and six altitudes (from 20 to 1000?m.a.s.l.). The results show that solar irradiation has the most significant effect on the TCE and TCW, the distance to the sea affects the TCW considerably, and the altitude has a moderate impact despite its impact is substantially lower than the other two factors. Also, cost maps of the TCE and TCW giving insights about which locations have a higher potential for developing CSP?+?PV?+?MED plants are presented. From these maps, it has been found that the potential inland locations to reach TCE and TCW under 100 $/MWh and TCW 2 $/m3 should have high DNI (at least 300?kWh/m2-yr above the coast level), distances from the coast up to 60?km, and altitudes up to 750–1000?m.