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Chabert S., Galindo C., Tejos C. and Uribe S. (2014)

Multiple echo multi-shot diffusion sequence

Revista : Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Volumen : 39
Número : 4
Páginas : 1027-1032
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To measure both transversal relaxation time (T2) and diffusion coefficients within a single scan using a multi-shot approach. Both measurements have drawn interest in many applications, especially in skeletal muscle studies, which have short T2 values. Multiple echo single-shot schemes have been proposed to obtain those variables simultaneously within a single scan, resulting in a reduction of the scanning time. However, one problem with those approaches is the associated long echo read-out. Consequently, the minimum achievable echo time tends to be long, limiting the application of these sequences to tissues with relatively long T2.
Materials and Methods
To address this problem, we propose to extend the multi-echo sequences using a multi-shot approach, so that to allow shorter echo times. A multi-shot dual-echo EPI sequence with diffusion gradients and echo navigators was modified to include independent diffusion gradients in any of the two echoes.
The multi-shot approach allows us to drastically reduce echo times. Results showed a good agreement for the T2 and mean diffusivity measurements with gold standard sequences in phantoms and in vivo data of calf muscles from healthy volunteers.
A fast and accurate method is proposed to measure T2 and diffusion coefficients simultaneously, tested in vitro and in healthy volunteers.