Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Sagaris L., Tiznado-Aitken I. (2022)

New horizons for sustainable transport planning: An analysis of seven years of gender-related research in Chile

Revista : Journal of Transport & Health
Volumen : 28
Páginas : 101544
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Introduction: Understanding of social sustainability has deepened as concepts of transport justice, mobility and access highlight the importance of health, safety, security, but also human agency, rights and civic competence as strategic within the social determinants of health. Gender helps to assess progress towards social justice. How can transport systems correct, offset, or adequately respond to the complex socio-cultural issues involved in gender-transport issues? To what extent can sustainable mobility act as an agent of change for gender and to what extent can gender
contribute to achieving more sustainable mobility?
Methods: Building from seven years of participatory action research, applying mixed methods from planning and transport engineering disciplines, this analytical article summarizes key findings and considers emerging practices that are generating significant responses — wicked solutions? — to the wicked problems inherent in gender and transport.
Results: The results indicate that wicked problems may be susceptible to “wicked solutions,” that is, bundled programs that simultaneously address diverse aspects of gender transport challenges around schools and in neighbourhoods and cities.
Conclusion: Far from acting as a response to the specific interests of a single group, planning sustainable transport from a gender perspective can open new avenues for comprehensive changes, beneficial on multiple scales and to multiple users.