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New Primal and Dual-Mixed Finite Element Methods for Stable Image Registration with Singular Regularization

Revista : Mathematical Models & Methods in Applied Sciences
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This work introduces and analyzes new primal and dual-mixed finite element methods for deformable image registration, in which the regularizer has a non trivial kernel, and constructed under minimal assumptions of the registration model: Lipschitz continuity of the similarity measure
and ellipticity of the regularizer on the orthogonal complement of its kernel. The aforementioned
singularity of the regularizer suggests to modify the original model by incorporating the additional
degrees of freedom arising from its kernel, thus granting ellipticity of the former on the whole solution space. In this way, we are able to prove well-posedness of the resulting extended primal and
dual-mixed continuous formulations, as well as of the associated Galerkin schemes. A priori error
estimates and corresponding rates of convergence are also established for both discrete methods.
Finally, we provide numerical examples confronting our formulations with the standard ones, which
prove our finite element methods to be particularly more efficient on the registration of translations
and rotations, in addition for the dual-mixed approach to be much more suitable for the quasiincompressible case, and all the above without losing the flexibility to solve problems arising from
more realistic scenarios such as the image registration of the human brain.