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Tavares Avila P.R., Mendes Rodrigues A., Costa Guimarães M., Walczak M., Rodrigues Menezes R., de Araújo Neves G., Cavalcanti Pinto H. (2020)

Nitrogen-Enriched Cr1?xAlxN Multilayer-Like Coatings Manufactured by Dynamic Glancing Angle Direct Current Magnetron Sputtering

Revista : Materials
Volumen : 13
Número : 16
Páginas : 3650
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Multilayer-like CrN and Cr1?xAlxN coatings with different Al contents were deposited onto a stainless steel substrate using dynamic glancing angle deposition direct current magnetron sputtering (DGLAD dcMS) in a N rich atmosphere to understand the role of Al on the growth of the films and mechanical properties of the nitrides with a multilayer architecture. Chemical analysis by means of energy dispersive analysis (EDS) and glow discharge optical emission spectroscopy (GDOES) depth profiling revealed that while CrN samples were close to stoichiometric, the Cr1?xAlxN coatings presented excess N between 70 and 80% at. An expressive change in texture was observed as the CrN coating changed its preferred orientation from (111) to (200) with the addition of Al, followed by a modification in morphology from grains with faceted pyramidal tops in CrN to dome-shaped grains in Cr1?xAlxN coatings. Multilayer-like nanostructures of corrugated grains were produced with a periodicity of approximately 30 nm using dynamic glancing angle deposition. The deposition rate was drastically reduced with an increase of Al, meanwhile, the best mechanical performance was achieved for the coating with a higher content of Al, with hardness up to 27 GPa and a higher value of maximum resistance to plastic deformation.