Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Nikbin V., Ataee-pour M., Anani A. (2020)

Optimization of level intervals in steeply-dipping vein deposits: A two-step approach

Revista : Resources Policy
Volumen : 69
Páginas : 101847
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Optimizing level intervals is one of the main issues in underground mining operations with steeply-dipping deposits. Specifically, it has a direct effect on the economy, as well as, the technical decisions of a mining project. Any deviation of the level intervals from the optimal values either increases the development costs or cause problems during operational activities. To avoid mining capital losses and facilitate production cycles, level intervals parameters must be optimized. Due to the lack of comprehensive methods that are capable to optimize level intervals, two different optimization models known as Integer Programming and Dynamic Programming are presented. These optimization models need input parameters and these parameters are derived from optimal solutions of the stope boundary problem at each production level. To solve the stope boundary problem we also use integer programming and an approximate dynamic programming. The proposed optimization models are implemented to solve level optimization in a steeply-dipping vein gold deposit. The results obtained from analysis confirm the capability, efficiency and reliability of our proposed optimization models to solve the problems that are raised from practical scales.