Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Pickler C., Gurza Fausto E., Beltrami H., Mareschal J-C., Suárez F., Chacon-Oerklers A., Blin N., Cortés M.T., Montenegro A., Harris R. and Tassara A. (2018)

Recent climate variations in Chile: constrains from borehole temperature profile

Revista : Climate of the Past
Volumen : 14
Páginas : 559-575
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We have compiled, collected, and analyzed 31 temperature–depth profiles from boreholes in the Atacama Desert in central and northern Chile. After screening these profiles, we found that only nine profiles at four different sites were suitable to invert for ground temperature history. For all the sites, no surface temperature variations could be resolved for the period 1500–1800. In the northern coastal region of Chile, there is no perceptible temperature variation at all from 1500 to present. In the northern central Chile region, between 26 and 28° S, the data suggest a cooling from ~1850 to ~1980 followed by a 1.9K warming starting ~20–40 years BP. This result is consistent with the ground surface temperature histories for Peru and the semiarid regions of South America. The duration of the cooling trend is poorly resolved and it may coincide with a marked short cooling interval in the 1960s that is found in meteorological records. The total warming is greater than that inferred from proxy climate reconstructions for central Chile and southern South America, and by the PMIP3-CMIP5 surface temperature simulations for the north-central Chile grid points. The differences among different climate reconstructions, meteorological records, and models are likely due to differences in spatial and temporal resolution among the various data sets and the models.