Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Villarruel-Jaramillo A., Pérez-García M., Cardemil J.M., Escobar E. (2021)

Review of Polygeneration Schemes with Solar Cooling Technologies and Potential Industrial Applications

Revista : Energies
Volumen : 14
Número : 20
Páginas : 6450
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The trend to reduce CO2 emissions in cooling processes has made it possible to increasethe alternatives for integrating solar energy with thermal equipment whose viability depends on itsadaptation to polygeneration schemes. Despite the enormous potential offered by the industry forcooling and heating processes, solar cooling technologies (SCT) have been explored in a limited wayin the industrial sector. This work discusses the potential applications of industrial SCTs and classifieshybrid polygeneration schemes based on supplying cold, heat, electricity, and desalination ofwater; summarizes the leading SCTs, and details the main indicators of polygeneration configurationsin terms of reductions on primary energy consumption and payback times. To achieve an energytransition in refrigeration processes, the scenarios with the most significant potential are: thefood manufacturing industry (water immersion and crystallization processes), the beverage industry(fermentation and storage processes), and the mining industry (underground air conditioning).